This little about page is a run down of me and what my site is and hopefully will be all about!

I have a passion for art, design and giving people a chance that otherwise wouldn’t have one. Although these seem like different interests they are  two key parts of me! This site is going to be directed around art and design though. I love graphic tees and just graphics in general so I thought why not give it a crack and design some of my own stuff my own way. I’ve done a year of design school and HATED it! oh I really did, I hated the confines and the ideas that were put on me and my work that made my work not feel like mine at all. Two years later and I’m still drawing for fun but I’m finally decided to work more at it!

Like many arty creative people I also have a love for anything written so this page will occasionally have nonsense dribble on here too hehe.

It’s really just a spot for me and my big mouth!