What ya doing?

Trying to draw or create something can be mighty hard. Like what should I draw or write, where will these ideas come frommmmmm. It’s hard.

I suppose I’m like every other person out there who likes to create in the way that sometimes it just doesn’t happen. The ideas don’t come, the paper stays blank and you stay in the same position with the look of nothingness on ya pretty face.


But you know I’ve come to realise that’s okay! It’s actually okay to not have an idea. You could be so in the mood to draw something or write something and then you just can’t. It happened! It’s fineee it doesn’t mean you’re not an artist or a writer or creatively talented. It just means that right now you got nothing on the idea front. But you will, we always do right! That’s why we draw and write and share because we might not have the ideas all the time but when we do, we do!



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